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About Us

Update Your Kitchen Interior & Cabinets Get More Better Life

Each project completed is unique to the client’s space and personal sense of style and functionality. We help our clients personalize a traditional style, redesign with a contemporary style, or design something completely brand new!

Unique designs, customized layouts, and an array of color and material options are a standard at Sardar Cabinets.

Client’s want cabinets that last, and for that reason we only manufacture our cabinets with the highest-grade material and hardware available. We know replicate material is out there, but quality and attention to detail goes beyond what you can see.

High Quality European Hardware & American wood Used To Make Custom Cabinets and All our products are Proudly Manufactured in California USA.

Cabinetry goes beyond the aesthetic of the design and the impression of the color.

Our Working Process

A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks by people.

Design consultation
We design spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your individual requirements, adding a special touch of sophistication.
Pick your style
Find your signature style with our expertise to create a kitchen that defines you in terms of functionality and offers a unique living experience.
Kitchen installation
Get your dream kitchen with expert construction installation for precise and timely completion; you can start taking advantage of it right away.
Kitchen clean-up
A clean kitchen is essential for a healthy home. Achieve spotless clean-ups every time with our expert services and make your kitchen shine!

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Project manager

Mr. Peter Jefferson


Ms. Julie Crawford

Why Choose Us

Extremely high standard of customer satisfaction

Full service

Not sure where to start? Let us help. We can handle all aspects of your kitchen refresh, from removing the old countertops.

Deliver Value

Value means many things to different people. We pledge to always provide optimal value for each and every client.


Throughout all aspects of our business, we view our stakeholders as partners in our ultimate mission to make it beautiful.


Relationships drive business forward, and our integrity forms the bedrock of our relationships. Our coworkers, dealers.


Sardar Cabinets

Unique designs, customized layouts, and an array of color and material options are a standard at Sardar Cabinets.